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Feedback Training Vol. 1 - Scores

Bianca Anne Braunesberger / Adventurer or Explorer today?
This movement session can be done alone, in pairs or in a group - the space can be freely chosen inside or outside! You will find yourself in a 60 minutes physical journey which will be influenced by the condition you chose for yourself. 

Imani Rameses / along the way, I
We will use a choreographic practice to parse our visual and spatial contingencies hidden within our everyday environments. This practice invites participants to (re)encounter what they think they already know through a four part site-specific score.  

Lisa Bunderlaa / .... in Schönbrunn
This score will take you to some secret dance rooms in Schönbrunn and guide you through a physical dance training.
Duration: app. 75 minutes
Requirement: mobile phone, whats app, headphones

Tomaz Simatovic / The Schönbrunn Scores
A class, which under regular conditions is designed as a dance practice, in which we gain spinal awareness and dorsal support, has been translated into an outdoors and site-specific experience. Made of 4 particular scores the class begins on your way to the metro, into the park where you meet me over a phone call for a One-on-One live experience via phone.

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