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Be/Well/Come Vol 2.

From 12-14 November the Wiener Perspektive Training & Education group warmly invites you to peer to peer exchange online and outside following current covid restrictions and hosted by Tanzquartier Vienna. The days are an open invitation to come, go and stay as you like.

The precise schedule is available here

Please, if you are interested to participate send us an email so that we can make sure to pass you the different links and updated information.

Based on the experiences fromBe/Well/Come at TQW in 2018 and the three-day session VSOFF Mentoring – Summer Edition at toZomia in August 2020, we develop games, establish a dialogue and share oracle-like experiences now adapted to online and outdoors. The motto for the one on one situations will be “silent mail”, a process in which the elements of previous experiences will be revisited by means of a dynamic that involves active reception, translation and creative misunderstandings. The three days will also include sharing of material from the feedback training as well as two online conversations in bigger groups 1. focusing on peer to peer exchange for alternative training in covid times and 2. Discussing professional training in Vienna with a more long term perspective. Please come to share your knowledge and questions. Even your short or silent presence, online and offline, changes and enriches this event - we look forward to being more or less together!


Wiener Perspektive Training & Education Group warmly invite you to:

ViennaSchoolOFF Mentoring - Summer Edition

2nd-4th of August 2020 at TOZOMIA Art Space

This is a CALL for a three days practice-based gathering by and for freelance artists interested in the Viennese dance and performance scene.

The recent lockdown has forced us to look again at where we (literally and not) stand as artists, to re-think how we use our resources, how we defend the value of our work and how it is financially sustainable. We feel it is now more than ever an important moment to gather collectively.
The motivation for the “ViennaSchoolOFF Mentoring - Summer Edition” stems from a shared interest in the possibilities and understandings of what Mentoring is/ has been/ can be. It also comes from the urgent desire of creating a wayward place for exchange and knowledge production in the field of Performing Arts, Artistic Research, Dance and Choreography in Austria. We intend to propose encounters to give attention to each other, to understand further each other’s artistic work and practice, to strengthen a sense of community, encounters of generations, times and history.

The three days of  “ViennaSchoolOFF Mentoring - Summer Edition“ invites us to both give and receive.
We will propose an overall schedule to facilitate small group encounters as well as 1on1 “blind dates” in a joyous counter-intuitive fashion: we will throw the dice, match-make in analogue breakout-rooms, randomise our meetings. The 3-days build on the ViennaSchoolOFF strategy of  “doing the thing while also talking, thinking and reflecting about it.”

“VSOFF Mentoring - Summer Edition” is open for anyone who wishes to gather, to exchange around the afore-mentioned topics, to be here now! And for a future! Possibly together!

Please register by stating your interest to participate by sending an email to by the 26th of July 2020.


save the date !!!
next GENERAL ASSEMBLY 9th of june
6PM to 9PM
Bloch-Bauer Promenade 28, 1100 Vienna
(near Helmuth Zilk Park)
doors open 17.30h, we start at 18h

it will be about burning issues of US ARTISTS during and after the covid-19 state measures, the process towards fair payment and minimum payment, long term social security for freelance artists and cultural workers, new independent spaces for the artists etc ...what do YOU think should be discussed? and and and... JOIN and PARTICIPATE!!!! we need our collective forces and minds!! 😘

digital participation:
wiener perspektive GENERAL ASSEMBLY
Uhrzeit: 9.Jun.2020 06:00 PM Wien

Zoom-Meeting beitreten

Meeting-ID: 995 2861 3051
Passwort: 192607

open freelance artists platform


The Wiener Perspektive Training & Education group invites to an online conversation and test-run on the topic of „Mentoring“.

12th May 17-18.30
13th May 17-18.30

For access to the zoom-link please write to stating your date of choice. 
Registration for both days possible but not necessary.

Mentoring is a subtle relationship, neither formal teacher-student-relationship nor feedback nor therapy nor friendship between peers, yet close to all those relationships and transgressed by them.

Together we would like to exchange on how we can use the current deceleration for dialogue in the dance & performance scene, with the possibility to bridge it to the Wiener Perspektive TQW-event in October/November this autumn: Vienna School OFF 8+1 (originally scheduled April 2020).

We're looking forward to talking and listening to you next week!


We will cheerfully take part in the opening of Albertina Modern and Künstlerhaus in the beginning of March 2020. See you there! Join in! Teams work!

ACT ON KÜNSTLERHAUS! Next Open Meeting: Wednesday, 19th of February, 18:00, Kitchen (Schwarzhorngasse 1 / Ecke: Bacherplatz, 1050)

Artists of Vienna’s independent art scene are happy to announce that “Theater im Künstlerhaus” is now squatted.

OTS - Vienna. As of today, Tuesday February 4, 2020, 6:30 a.m., the theater in the Künstlerhaus (French Hall) at Karlsplatz 5 has been occupied by artists from the Viennese independent scene.

This activist-artistic act is a reaction to the inactivity and indecisiveness of the culture bureaucracy in supporting the preservation of this unique, multifunctional and interdisciplinary house for experimental performing arts in the center of the city.

The theater is part of the Künstlerhaus, which was built by artists for artists and opened in 1868. This place has been a historical place for the self-organization of artists for 160 years and should remain so.
At the Vienna Perspective press conference on November 12, 2019 and the subsequent open letter, the demands were communicated publicly and supported by many artists and advocates of the independent scene.

In order to express the urgency of a self-administered “New House of Performative Arts”, we now keep the room occupied until it is legally and financially secured for the independent scene. We want to reopen and perform in the theater in the Künstlerhaus as soon as possible!

Dear Mr. Hans-Peter Haselsteiner, Dear Representatives of Künstlerhausbesitz und Betriebs GmbH, Dear City Councilor Veronica Kaup-Hasler, Dear State Secretary Ulrike Lunacek, we would like to urge you to enter into a dialogue with us in order to find a solution for the future of the theater in the Künstlerhaus.



We, members of the independent scene of Vienna, independent artists and cultural workers, demand the return of the independent scene into the Theatre im Künstlerhaus!

The Theater im Künstlerhaus has existed under various names since the 1970s and is the only existing multifunctional, multi-perspective and interdisciplinary house for experimental performing arts of a relevant size and in a central location. The theatre is part of the Künstlerhaus, which was built by artists for artists and opened in 1868. For 160 years this place has been a historical place for the self-organization of artists and should continue to be!

We must learn from history for the future. We will not give up this place as our artistic center, we will not let our art be marginalized and driven to the edges of this city!

We ask the City of Vienna to make sure that the Künstlerhaus stays a place of interdisciplinary and independent artistic activities.

Please sign this Open Letter to the City of Vienna and the political decision-makers to preserve the Theater im Künstlerhaus for the independent scene and not to leave it unconditionally to the interests of investors.

Vienna, 09.01.2020

Press conference publication in German

Signed by:

Adriana Cubides, Freelancer, Wien

Agnes Schneidewind, freischaffende Künstlerin / Im_flieger, Wien

Alex Franz Zehetbauer, Performer/ Verein Wilhemina, Wien 1070

Alexander Gottfarb, Archipelago, Wien

Alexandra Sommerfeld, Schauspielerin

Alfredo Barsuglia , Visual Artist, Wien

Alice Fehre & Georg Kö, Kulturraum 10, Wien

Alina Tretinjak, Wiener Perspektive Training&Education Group, Wien

Alisa Beck, Blind Date Collaboration, Wien

Alix Eynaudi, Boite de production, Wien

Anat Stainberg, Schauspielerin, Wien

Andrea Maria Handler, LAB ON STAGE, Wien

Andrea Nagl, W.A.L.Z. Performance Collective/Nagl ~ Wintersberger/DANCEmotion, Wien

Andreas Fleck, Free Dramaturg, Wien

Anita Kaya, Im_flieger KünstlerInnen_Initiative, Wien

Anna Lena Häußler, nun performing arts collective, Wien

Anna Maria Nowak, Archipelago, Wien

Anna Mendelssohn, Schauspielerin, Wien

Anna Possarnig, PUC , Lazuz, Wien 1020

Anne Juren, choreographer/dancer, Wien

Anne Mégier, Kollektiv Klaus, Wien

Barbara Carl, Die Rabtaldirndln, Graz/Wien

Barbara Kraus, Performancekünstlerin, Wien

Barbis Ruder, Meow - ephemere Vorhaben, Wien

Bea Dermond, Die Rabtaldirndln, Graz/Wien

Birgit Unger, Schauspielerin, Tänzerin, Wien

Carla Schuler, Wien

Christina Aksoy, Kollektiv kunststoff, Wien

Christina Rauchbauer, Regie/Choreografie, Wien

Christina Scherrer, Schauspielerin

Christine Gaigg, Choreografin, Wien

Christoph Laimer, dérive - Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung, Wien

Christoph Laimer, Herausgeber, dérive - Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung, Wien

Claire Granier Blaschke, Kollektiv/Position/Institution/etc. – Tanz die Toleranz Caritas Wien & idocde / international documentation of contemporary dance education, Wien

Claire Lefèvre, Choreographer/Performer/C.A.K.E. Verein für Kunst und Kultur, Wien 1070

Claudia Bosse, theatercombinat, Wien

Claudia Erdheim, Schriftstellerin, Wien

Claudia Lomoschitz, Performer, Lecturer, Wien

Cornelia Scheuer, LizArt Productions, Performerin, Wien

Costas Kekis, Choreographer, Performer, Wien

Daniel Aschwanden, Performance artist, Wien

Daniela Beuren, Autorin, Wien 1020

Daphna Horenczyk, Artist, Wien

Daya Varkonyi, Sama: Social Art and Movement Association, Tulln/Wien

Deborah Hazler, Künstlerin/Angry Agnes Productions, Kunst- und Kulturverein Raw Matters, Arbeitsplatz Wien, Wien

Denice Bourbon, Comedian, Performance Artist, Wien

Denise Palmieri Henrique Oliveira, Artist, Vienna

DI Ute Bauer-Wassmann, Architekturhistorikerin/Interdisziplinäres Forschungszentrum Architektur und Geschichte iFAG, Wien

Dominik Grünbühel, Performer und Choreograf, Wien

Dorothea Zeyringer, Sööt/Zeyringer, Wien

Dr. Ilse Chlan, Bildende Künstlerin, Wien 1080

Dusana Baltic, Hungry Sharks, Produzentin Wien

Elena Tikhonova, Film Director, Wien

Elina Lautamäki, Künstlerin, Wien

Elio Gervasi, Tanz Company Gervasi, Wien

Elisabeth Löffler, LizArt Produktions-Kunsterzeugungs- und Verwertungsverein Obfrau /Wien

Elizabeth Ward, Freelance choreographer and performer, Wien

Elke Rauth, Festivalleiterin urbanize! Int. Festival für urbane Erkundungen, Wien

Elke Rauth, urbanize! Int. Festival für urbane Erkundungen, Wien

Ella Felber, Wien

Evelyn Sulzbacher, Puppenspielerin, Puppenmacherin, Wien

Ewa Bańkowska, Freischaffende Künstlerin, Wien

Florian Tröbinger, Schauspieler, Wien

Frans Poelstra, Freiberufliche Künstler, Wien

Gerhard Balluch, Schauspieler

Gin Müller, Dramaturg*, Wien

Gods Entertainment, Wien

Gudrun Maier, Die Rabtaldirndln, Graz/Wien

Günter Schreckenberg, Artist, Darmstadt, Germany

Guy Cools, Dance Dramaturge, Wien

Hanke Magoa, Vorstand "Theater der Unterdrückten Wien" und Vorstand “Spiel_Raum”, Wien

Hannes Stiefel, Univ.-Prof. Akademie der bildenden Künste, Wien

Hannes Tretter, Ao. Univ.Prof. i.R. für Grund- und Menschenrechte, Universität Wien

Hauser Jack, Old Grey Man, Wien

Hotel Butterfly, Wien

Inge Gappmaier, freie Choreographin, Tänzerin, Tanzpädagogin und Tanzwissenschafterin, Wien

Isabella Händler, Schauspielerin, Wien

Itai Margula, Margula Architects, Wien

Jan Machacek, am apparat, Wien

Jasmin Hoffer, Dancer, Choreographer, Wien

Joachim-Lothar Gartner, ehemaliger Künstlerhaus-Präsident, Wien

Johanna Nielson, Performance artist, Im_flieger, WP member, Wien

Johannes Porsch, Künstler, Wien

Julia Müllner, freischaffende Tänzerin, Wien

Julian Vogel, Wien

Julischka Stengele, independent artist, performer, writer and performance curator, Wien

Katharina Senk, Freelance - Dance - Artist, Wien

Katrin Blantar, Voguing in Vienna Wien

Klaus Karlbauer, Komponist, Regisseur, performing artist, Wien

Kornelia Kilga, Produzentin toxic dreams, Wien

Kristine Tornquist, Jury Everhartz, sirene Operntheater, Wien

Lau Lukkarila, Choreographer, Performer, not your babe Verein, Wien 1150

Laurent Ziegler, freischaffender Künstler, Wien

Lea Titz, Kunstverein kombinage, Wien

Lena Schattenberg, Freischaffende Tänzerin, Wien

Leonie Humitsch, freitanz-Verein für zeitgenössische Tanzprojekte Obfrau & künstlerische Leitung, Kärnten/Wien

Lisa Begere, Kollektiv/Position/Institution/etc. Freischaffende Künstlerin, Wien

Liv Schellander, freelance dance artist, TQW training&workshops, Wien

Liz King, D.ID Dance Identity, Choreografisches Zentrum Burgenland, Eisenstadt

Lucia Rosenfeld, Chreographin, Tanzpädagogin, Tänzerin, Montpellier / Wien

Luciano Parodi, Institut für Kunst und Architektur, Akademie der bildenden Künste,Wien

Ludwig Boltzmann, Institut für Menschenrechte (BIM), Direktor der Straniak Academy for Democracy and Human Rights

Luigi Guerrieri, Indipendent artist, Wien

Luiza Schulz Vazquez, Klang-, Komponistin- und Performance Künstlerin, Rio de Janeiro

Lukas David Schmidt, Schauspieler

Lukas Ipsmiller, Artist, Wien

Maartje Pasman, Performing Artist, Wien

Mag. art. Andreas Tanzer, bildender Künstler, Wien

Mag. Georg Blaschke, Choreograf, Tänzer, freier Produzent Obmann von M.A.P. Vienna Movement Art Programmes, Wien

Mag.a Birgitt Wagner, Kulturarbeiterin, Wien 1060

Mag.a Nikki Mosböck, Filmeditorin, Wien 1060

Magdalena Forster, Freie Tänzerin/Performerin, Tanzpädagogin Musikschule Hollabrunn, Wien

Malika Fankha, Kollektiv/Position/Institution/etc. FANKS Productions, Wien

Manfred Aichinger, Muk/ Lehrender für Choreografie, Improvisation, Interdisziplinäres Gestalten, Methodik, Wien

Marco Payer, Tänzer/Performer, WP, Kopenhangen/Wien

Maria Spanring, TWOF2+dascollectiv, Wien

Marie-Christin Rissinger, Blind Date Collaboration, Wien

Marina Poleukhina, Komponistin, Wien

Marina Rützler, freischaffend tätig ua bei, ich bin ok & PUC Wien

Markus Wintersberger, Experimentelle Medien/Stellvertretender Studiengangsleiter Digital Design (MA) - Masterklasse Experimentelle Medien/FH St. Pölten; medienwerkstatt006/Künstlerischer Leiter; Wearable Theatre/Projektleiter/FH St. Pölten; Kollektiv Nagl ~ Wintersberger; Kollektiv W.A.L.Z., Wien/St. Pölten

Markus Zett, Schauspieler, Wien

Marta Navaridas, Choregrapher/Performer, Graz/Wien

Martin Schwab, Light designer Volkstheater, Wien

Matan Levkowich-Heyman, Dance Educator, Wien 1020

Michael Fischer, Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, Wien

Michael Franz Woels, skug, theatercombinat, Wien

Michael Strohmann, Musiker und Videokünstler, Wien

Milan Loviška, Künstler, Territorium KV, Wien

Minna Antova, bildende Künstlerin/visual artist/ehemalige Programmausschuss-Vorsitzende & ehemaliges Vorstand-Mitglied, Künstlerhaus

Monica Delgadillo Aguilar, Tanz die Toleranz, Künstlerische Leitung, Wien

Naïma Mazic, Verein more2rhythm, n ï m company, Vereinsobfrau, Choreographin, Tänzerin, Wien

Nicholas J. Hoffman, Artist/Musician, Wien

Nicole Miltner, Universitätslektorin, Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Wien

Nikolaus Selimov, Studiengangsleiter Tanz, Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien

noid, Sound Artist, Wien

Nora Jacobs, Künstlerin, Wien

Oleg Soulimenko, Choreographer, Performance artist, Wien

Olia Sosnovskaya, artist, organizer, co-founder of Work Hard! Play Hard self-organized platform, PhD-in-Practice candidate at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna/Minsk

Otmar Wagner, freischaffender Künstler, Wien

Otto Krause, Künstler, Territorium KV, Wien

Patric Redl, Performer, Musiker, Permakulturist, Wien

Patrick Berg, Schauspieler

Paul Horn, Setdesigner, Wien

Paul Wenninger, Choreograf, kabinett ad co, Wien/Hillion

Paz Katrina Jimenez, Verein same same / Choreografin & Performance Maker, Wien

Philipp Gehmacher, freischaffender Künstler, Wien

Philipp Zauner, C.A.K.E. Verein fur Kunst und Kultur, Wien 1050

Rafal Morusiewicz, doctoral candidate, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna

Roland Rauschmeier, Performer, Wien

Rosa Degen-Faschinger, Die Rabtaldirndln, Graz

Rudi Natterer, Funky Animals Collective, Wien Fie Dam Mygind, Dancer, Copenhagen

Samuel Feldhandler, Freischaffender, Choreograf, Wiener Perspektive Member, Wien
Sara Lanner, Choreografin, Performerin, Bildende Künstlerin, Wien

Sarah Hofbauer, Schauspielerin

Sarah Susanna Sternat, Collective Club Fortuna, Vienna

Šárka Benedová, Freelance artist, Wien/Stavanger

Shabnam Chamani, Performerin, Wien

Siglind Güttler, Kunst- und Kulturverein ProSiBe/ Vorstand, Wien

Silvia Both, Tänzerinn, Choreografin, Wien Andreas Payer, Produzent, Wien

Simon Mayer, kopf hoch, Wien

Sonja Browne, Danse Brute/lux flux, Wien

Sophia Hörmann, performer, choreographer, Wien

Sophie Schmeiser, Produktionsleiterin, Wien

Stefan Huhlfeld, Professor für Theaterwissenschaft an der Universität Wien

Stefan Nussbaumer, basislager, Wien

Stephanie Cumming, Performerin und Choreografin, Wien

Stephanie Tietz, Performance Künstlerin, upart, Wien

Susanne Gschwendtner, Schauspielerin, Wien

Tanja Erhart, self-defined disabled independent dance artist and cultural scientist, London/Wien

Thomas Berger, Techniker

Tobias Leibetseder, Komponist, Musiker, Performer, Medienkünstler, Wien

Tomaz Simatovic, Freelance choreographer and performance artist, Salzburg/Wien

Ulduz Ahmadzadeh, Gründerin und Vorstand der Kunst Initiative “tanz.labor.labyrinth“, Wien

Ulrike Truger, Bildhauerin, Ehemalige Vizepräsidentin des Künstlerhauses, 1020 Wien

Valentin Alfery, Hungry Sharks, Choreograf Wien

Vorstand IG Kultur Wien (Alisa Beck, Elisabeth Bernroitner, Günther Friesinger, Walter Gössinger, Djamila Grandits, Sabine Maringer, Tamara Schwarzmayr)

Waltraud Brauner, Performance artist, Wien

Wera Hippesroither, PW Magazine, Wien

Yosi Wanunu, Regisseur und Autor, toxic dreams, Wien

Zoë Schreckenberg, Artist, Wien

Zosia Holubowska, Sound artist / Sounds Queer?, Wien

21h / 13.12.19 // Flieger | ttp WUK


Act on Künstlerhaus, meeting
18h-21h / 08.12.19 // im_flieger

Act on Künstlerhaus, meeting
18h-21h / 01.12.19 // im_flieger

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