wiener perspektive / open artist platform
  • Enable and strengthen the dialogue, network and discussion between the dancers and performers of different artistic orientations and generations; 
  • Discuss and shape the representation of this community of artists;
  • Develop political agency and mutual empowerment through acts of solidarity;
  • Promote active participation in the cultural policy activities and decisions, such as the dialogue with the decision-makers and institutions: Nothing About Us Without Us;
  • Achieve better standards in our cooperation with the city of Vienna, its magistrates, and the institutions that are subsidized by them; to create synergies and to optimize space use;
  • Create visibility of the Viennese dance and performance scene in relation to working conditions and knowledge; 
  • Develop future visions for the dance and performance scene;
  • Address problematic personal constellations in decision-making; problematic decisions and plans, and to demand transparency.

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